Got Some New Artwork For Ya!

I figured I would dump everything into one post instead of clogging your dashboards with multiple posts. You’re welcome!

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Now Playing: Child of Light OST

If you, like myself, are into classical music and video game instrumentals, I highly suggest you give this soundtrack a listen. I have not been given the honor of playing this game yet, but I’m in the process of begging Adam to buy it when we can. But I’ve been drooling over the release of this game for months and now I am (im)patiently awaiting my turn to live through Aurora’s journey.

The soundtrack is performed by Coeur de Pirate, and every track is full of whimsical adventure. The interview of Coeur de Pirate talking about her writing process is really great; I love reading about what inspires other artists. It broadens my horizons and I usually find new things I enjoy. Also, the creators teamed up with the legendary Yoshitaka Amano to create custom artwork inspired by the game. Like, y’all don’t even know how much I love that man.

Current favorite: Down To A Dusty Plain

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Things I Love Thursday – May 29, 2014

Oh man. Guys. I have been so out of it. Abandoning my avid readers as I gallivant around St. Louis while being a total loser. Also, my keyboard sucks. I just found out that my “thrifted” tag is actually my “thrifed” tag. Whatever “thrifed” is. A spell checker for the ages.

This is a short list. My mind has been too wrapped up in my friends and family recently (and my stupid idea for a comic that I will be working on forever until the end of time). Which is never a bad thing. I’ve been meaning to blog another Things I Love Thursday, and now I finally can! Yes!

1. Agent of S.H.I.E.L.D.
Please. Whatever you do, please watch this show. I watched the pilot episode last year, and I thought it was terrible. “Coulson’s back from the dead.” “Welcome back to the land of the living.” We get it, Coulson kind of died. We saw Loki stab him through the back with the freakin’ Chitauri sceptre. I mean, I saw it seven times over in theatres. The Avengers, I mean. So I know that Coulson freakin’ DIED. They just kept bringing it up, like damn.

Fast forward to April. Dad calls me up and says that what happened in Captain America: The Winter Soldier carried over to the events in Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D. So, like, yeah. I had to start watching it again to see how Coulson and his team dealt with the [CENSORED FOR SPOILERS]!

I marathoned the whole first season in a single week.

2. Creature Type
Michelle Volansky, the pretty face behind Creature Type, is a hero of mine. I discovered her through tumblr (this neo-goth who took selfies of herself and friends in cemeteries kept blogging photos of some rad stuff, and I followed the original sources and the rest is history) and I am glad I did! When I met her for the first time, I felt like a child on Christmas morning. She is super sweet and beautiful and she likes Sailor Moon, so yeah she’s top tier. Oh, and she gifted me with one of her prints, which holds a close resemblance to a certain alien warrior princess…

I’m just saying, it’s destiny. Artistic nerds need to stick together.

3.  Natural Palettes on Tumblr 

ALL THE COLORS! Please, it’s too much to handle.



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Kill Your Heroes is moving….

to tumblr!

Sorry, but they now have a webcomic theme and it’s just perfect for Kill Your Heroes.

Also, new comic is already up! Check it out! If you enjoy reading about racism.

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The Moment You’ve All Been Waiting For…

It is here.

I, uh, only have one post up right now. But hey, that’s awesome! I’m actually doing something with my life. Yes. Drawing shitty comics about my life. Click on the image, and be served some webcomic realness.

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Okay, I really like Tom Hiddleston. Sue me. And though Thor and Thor: The Dark World left me wanting a bit more, I will gladly watch both to see Tom’s acting prowess. Because this guy is rad. Anyways, here’s Loki looking the teeniest bit regretful. Like, the weight of his actions are beginning to hit him. Ha!

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I’ll Be Back Soon!

I am currently tearing through some new artwork and commissions at the moment, but I shall return to you, my beautiful followers! Lots of love :)

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